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Pal Emotes - Dances and Sanity Effects

Darth Dorky

New member
Feb 17, 2024
The emotes in this game are amazing and I can't say it enough. I love sitting in my chair with my Farmer hat while my Pals work the plantations, spin dancing with my Digtoise's Partner Skill going (Turtle Spin), and the goofy as hell wave with the "Ohhh!!" lmao.

But what we really need is tandem dances with Pals. Maybe not every Pal, but if we could have little repeating dances unique to some Pals, that would be pretty awesome.

I'm talking about a Shuffle dance next to my Anubis like we're a Hip Hop duo.

Talking about an inflatable waving man dance next to my Jormuntide.

I'm talkin about the Chicken dance with my Chikipi.

And I'm also talking about the South Park depressive goth kid dance with my Depresso.

Also, I think petting should be continuous until cancelled and restore some sanity over time. Maybe about a minute of petting for 50% Pal sanity back. ("You DO care!")