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Ore Detector Suggestion

Darth Dorky

New member
Feb 17, 2024
Issue: It can sometimes be challenging to find the best ore spots, especially with a limit on map markings. Ore is the real end game grind at this point, as ammo crafting consumes it very quickly. We need to find these spots more effectively using in game tools.

Description: Equippable item in the 4-action slots crafted at a Production Assembly Line. Uses a radar-like function to detect and ping Ore/Coal/Paldium rocks, making it easier to find clusters.

Using: In hand, looks like a Sat-Phone. Using Right-Click (or relative console button) brings the Radar close to face and displays a UI similar to a submarine radar with dots representing ore/paldium/coal veins in relation to the user's location.

Optional Consumption Functions: Possibly uses Flame or Electric Organs to power Ore Detector with a visible battery meter.

Recipe suggestion: 25x Polymer, 50x Carbon Fiber, and 50x Refined Ingots.