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Melee Weapon Schematics - Weak melee damage

Darth Dorky

New member
Feb 17, 2024
A) Sword and Lily's Spear have no upgrade schematics.
B) Melee weapons don't deal enough damage.

Description Summary: These are the coolest weapons in the game aesthetically and the most fun to use, yet they have no better versions. Additionally, their damage does not follow risk:return damage scaling that games utilizing both ranged and melee attacks typically implement.

A) Implement schematics for these weapons or use a modified version of this suggestion, "Re-Engineering Table", to upgrade melee weapons.

B) The base damage of melee weapons relative to ranged weapons (and all player weapons, really) is *extremely* low, especially on higher tier Pals. Player Melee hits with a Sword within the most dangerous zone of an encounter deal about 12-25 damage on legendaries. You can melee about once per second. This extremely low level of damage promotes a game where you throw out your Pals and hide behind a rock as your damage is dismissable.

Even on a Rank 4 Ragnahawk (Partner Skill: increased player damage [Fire]) using a Legendary Assault Rifle, normal level 35 Pals take roughly 7-9 shots straight to the critical zones to perish. I believe bullets from the highest tier weapon on a player-damage enhancing mount are supposed to be a *little* more devastating than this.

If this is how the end-game intends to stay, players will not. Buff the base player damage, and buff melee damage scaling relative to ranged. Maybe even nerf the base Player-owned Pal damage by 10-20% to make players more involved and counterbalance this change. Having these epic dodge moves that give Dark Souls a run for its money is worthless if there is 0 incentive to use them.

You made an amazing game that lets you actively fight with your Pals. If player damage is negligible and not engaging, then this game will just be a re-skinned Pokemon.