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It would be cool for someone to make this mod....


New member
Mar 6, 2024
A mod that adds a soul stealing ability to the player, allowing the player to steal and learn attacks that only Pals can use. For example, after defeating many Pals, it allows the player to learn how to use certain Pal attacks from those defeated Pals in combat. If a Pal knows an attack, the player can learn it after defeating enough Pals that know that attack, but only ranged attacks can be learned. When using an attack, it would cost stamina and also have the same cool down as the attack would normally have. The player would be able to use three attacks at a time and can choose from a menu which ones to use and which ones to put aside, kind of like what we can already do with Pals.

Also, by learning these attacks, the player can become stronger than they would normally become via leveling, such as adding more talent points after learning attacks. The amount of points earned depends on the attack learned. The more powerful and rare the attack would be, the more points the player earns. Hopefully this is possible to make a mod like this because it would be super cool. So far, I haven't seen anything like it nor have I read any suggestions about it, and I wanted to post it here. If I knew how to mod like that, then it would be the first mod I'd make, if possible. :D