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🌟 Welcome to MistyWisp Community! 🌟


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Apr 12, 2024
🔹 Our Servers:
MistyWisp #1 PvE [EU] | Vanilla
Connect: mistywisp.com:8211
MistyWisp #2 PvE [EU] | Hardcore
Connect: mistywisp.com:8221
MistyWisp #3 PvE [US] | Hardcore
Connect: us.mistywisp.com:8231

🔹 What's Unique About Us?
🛠️ Active Developers - Constantly working to innovate and improve server operations.
🌟 Activity Point System - Earn points for milestones like capturing Pals, leveling up, and inviting friends!
🗣️ Interconnected Chat - Chat with players across all servers and on Discord.
🎭 Automatic Roles - Gain roles based on your achievements in the game.
🚫 No Wipe Policy - Our servers are long-lasting; our oldest server has been active for 2.5 months with max players during peak times!
🤗 Friendly Community - We welcome everyone to join and enjoy!

🔗 Quick Links:
Live Map of the Players - https://mistywisp.com/api/live_map
Control Panel - https://mistywisp.com/shop/
Website - https://mistywisp.com/

Join our servers and be a part of our thriving community today! 🎉
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